Thursday, November 16, 2006

Be a book scout at book sales

A bookscout is an individual who hunts for books in various locations and then resells them for a profit.

With the boom of the online bookselling industry, the number of bookscouts has increased dramatically. Many people are leveraging the power of sites like eBay and Amazon to sell their used books online. As people continue to take up this occupation, as both traditional and home-based businesses, the presence of bookscouts has increased.

In the past, bookscouts typically sold their books directly to bookstores, but many bookscouts now sell their books online. Bookscouts often look for books at venues like estate sales, garage sales, bookstores, thrift shops yard sales, library sales. Library sales, in particular, used to be extremely difficult to market. With the advent of the internet, and searchable book sale directories, book sales have become increasingly accessible.

Prior to the Internet and online bookselling and auctions, many bookscouts were able to find valuable books on the shelves of bookstores. The ability of bookstore owners to look up prices for free on the Internet has made this type of scouting very difficult and only the best bookscouts can scout stores.

Bookscouts, themselves, have their own tools to look-up prices on the fly. Services using cell phones, scanners, and/or PDAs make looking up the market value of a book very easy - no matter where you are.


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